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Best Resort in Dehradun

Naro Eco Resort and Spa is the best resort in Dehradun, near Vikasnagar which gives you the feel of the Himalayas, pristine forest on the other side, near the fresh rivulet, which happens to irrigate the most premium Dehradun Basmati rice fields. The nearby locations are the Yamuna river at Kata Patthar, Rock addict of the greatest Emperor Ashoka, Jagatgram the place wherein ancient days Ashwamedha Yagna was conducted. Naro Eco Resort and Spa offers the best views, best food, and luxurious stay in the bamboo wooden cottages. The space in the resort is so vast and open, one can forget the ongoing pandemic while at Naro Eco Resort and Spa. The safety, security, and covid-free environment make the resort a standout place to spend your time with your loved ones. The cottage rents are all slashed in the ongoing lockdown period, one should not miss the opportunity to spend some precious time at the resort. What better way to use your lockdown period in solace and rediscover yourself? What are you waiting for, book a cottage now and start your holiday.

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