Punter Service – In this service, we will trade on behalf of the investor in the stock market (Crypto market). We will be taking positions in the stocks of our choice to leverage assets that we buy and sell at a higher rate to maximize the profits for the investor. This enables the investor to gain with minimum risk. The minimum lock-in period is five (5) hours from the investment time on our firm’s funding wallet.

    The advantage of investing with us at 11Creations is we have the expertise in how the stock market works; instead of getting into the risky, and ever-volatile markets, it is easier for you to relax and let us do the hard work for you.



    Amount in Indian Rupees

    in US$



    Minimum ₹5,000



    No Loss**

    Maximum ₹ 25,000



    No Loss**


    • We will try our best to maximize the profit in the time slot you booked our service.
    •  Please read our PNL Policy, if the investor faces a loss, we 11Creations will reimburse the invested amount within seven (7) working days.

    Our charges are as under:

    • ₹1,000 for five (5) hours of trading on the investor’s behalf.
    • ₹2,000 for ten (10) hours of trading on the investor’s behalf.

    Time Slots



    Fees in Indian Rupees / US Dollars


    10:00 am – 3:00 pm

    ₹ 1,000            |     US$ 12


    3:00 pm – 8:00 pm

    ₹ 1,000            |     US$ 12


    8:00 pm – 01:00 am

    ₹ 1,000            |     US$ 12

    • Results of the trade deals conducted on all time slots will be available after few hours after completion.
    • Lunch, Dinner, Calculations, etc. could be possible reasons(s) for the delay in providing the investor with the trade data.   
    • All the trade data timings will be as per Indian Standard Time (IST) +5:30 hrs. only.

    Trade Policy

    We will send you the entire trade receipts, for both buying, and selling as proof of our trading activity on the time slot you booked for our sevice.

    Profit and Loss Policy (PNL Policy)

    We will try our best to get the maximum profit in the stipulated time slot the investor booked our service, it could be anything from 1% to 50% or even more, but if we do fail to generate profit on your investment due to stock market factors, we will reimburse the entire invested amount and half of our service fee within seven (7) working days and remit to your bank/wallet account from which you booked our service.


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