Hedge Funds

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Hedge Funds, we pool funds from our retail investors to take positions on their behalf in the stocks of our choice to leverage assets that we procure and sell at a higher rate to share a set percentage with the investor. This enables the investor to gain with minimum risk. The minimum lock-in period is one month from the investment date on our firm’s hedge funds wallet. 

  • The minimum investment is ₹10,000
  • The maximum investment is ₹50,000

The advantage of investing with us at 11Creations is we have the expertise in how the stock market works; instead of getting into the ever-volatile markets, it is easier for you to relax and let us do the hard work for you. 

Hedge funds are not open to all, only to a limited group of investors. We take both long and short positions, the more we hold, the better returns the investor can expect. 

How do Hedge Funds generate income?

  • We take both Long and short positions.
  • We use Arbitrage trading, Margin trading (Cross and Isolated), and Spot trading.
  • We may include buying and selling of undervalued securities.
  • We will invest in any opportunity that exists in the market(s).
  • Our primary aim is to reduce the volatility and risk to safeguard the securities.

We will be using both the defensive as well as aggressive strategies depending on the markets. It is safe to say your money is safe with us and will be yielding you more returns than conventional savings account. 

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