Hedge Scheme

Hedging SANTA Scheme - December 2022 to January 2023

Santa has never been so kind before.

Merry X-Mas & Happy New Year.

Hedging is a stock multiplier scheme that benefits the subscriber to get more than the market returns on his/her investment(s). This is a hands-free scheme where you will only reap the profits from our skills.

Methods utilized are spot trading, margin, futures, strategy, staking, etc. We will do our best to generate the best possible profits for you using any or all of these methods. 

Stock Investment Slabs


Silver Plan – Upon loading $1,000 successfully in the trading platform, a Skill fee of $60 has to be paid upfront to work on your investment. Your investment therefore, will be $1,060 initially as we start earning profits on the completion of 30 calendar days we will be deducting a further $50 before releasing the rest of the amount, if we can generate more than the profit listed above on the table, then a Skill Bonus fees will be applied and deducted before releasing the final amount. 

* Each Dollar is calculated at Rs. 88.00* for the calculative purpose only. 

– The above scheme has very low chances of a loss. 

** Profit payouts are on the 12th or 24th of every month whichever is nearer after the completion of a full 30 days run on the selected plan. 




  • You can request for 4 performance reports per month by Whatsapp.
    Low risk, high profits.
    Plan can be upgraded even when running.
    Limited subscription. Only three running subscribers for this month of December. This improves our focus and performance.


  • A latest mobile smartphone or a used one with an active JIO sim running minimum 2 GB/Day data scheme (The smartphone is returnable within three days after the end of scheme subscription). The smartphone is required for us to run a trading platform. The operation will be very transparent as you will know where the money is being spent, all the transactions will be made through your account only. 
  • Funds to purchase stocks as per the table given below. 
  • Your id proofs (Bank details, personal and address ids.) to get you listed on the trading platform. You can register in front of us; in that case, we do not need any of your documents. 


  • Full withdrawal can be requested with profits after a minimum run of 5 weeks from the subscription of the scheme.
    Skill Bonus fees are deducted at source before payout, only after we are able to generate profits more than the listed amount(s) mentioned on the above table.
    Skill fees 12% of the invested amount on Silver plan is deducted at source, 13% for Gold plan, and 15% for Diamond plan. The remaining fees are deducted on the completion of the monthly cycle (30 days).
  • Inward and outward remittances (Transactions) from US$ to ₹, ₹ to US$ will all be through you, as OTP (One-time passwords) will be sent to your registered mobile number with us, only when you authorize we will be able to utilize the funds in the trading platform. Anything outer of the trading platform will be managed by the subscriber, even the amount loading, and withdrawal from the trading platform is not done by us without your authorization. We are confined to manage your account only in the trading platform, therefore we do not take any risk of loss(es).
  • We are only facilitators, we have the skill to generate profits for you, we take the skill fees for our services as listed above. The account in the trading platform, the bank listed to load and withdraw funds, the purchase and sale of stocks are all from your account, and all these will be run on your deposited smartphone with us. Basically, we will be managing your account on your behalf.
  • As the world knows, trading is dependent on market conditions and risks. Trading is risky but can generate high returns.
  • We are not liable for any action as we will be only doing our best to generate profits on your behalf, and from your trading account.

Proofs - We could generate these kind of profits. These are for idea only.
Currency: US$ only


Invest now to have a better start to the year 2023.

Santa is calling, what are you waiting for…..?