Editing and Proofreading Service

Using our copy-editing service, you can assure that your written document is grammatically, factually correct, readable, and devoid of any offensive or controversial language.

Imagine the standard of content and projects thoroughly checked and edited by native English language and copy editors exclusively for you- your brand, product, service and assignment. The flawless, standard, well-composed writing does not only impress your audience but also pushes them to take a desirable action.

Content by native English writers is prominent among thousands of written documents. Non-native English writers can try to be near to the native writers, they definitely work hard and write good content but if you compare the work, you can see the difference. Yes, it is understandable that not all can hire professional English writers for all the projects. This is why our editing and proofreading service!

Standardize your content for an international audience with the help of your editors and proofreaders from the USA and UK at an affordable cost. 

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Improve your non-native English Written Content

11Creations stands out in content writing services because we have a team of exceptional native English language and copy editing experts

who thoroughly check all our written content before delivery. Our editing and proofreading experts are from the USA and UK.

You can hire our service for mechanical editing (proofreading) or substantive editing (thorough copy editing with basic, medium or high intervention as per your consent) of already written content, journals, research articles, books, case studies, business proposals, grant writings or any other written materials. Our language and copyeditors are committed to providing the best service that you require so that you will stand ahead in your profession or business.

What do our editors do?

Benefits of improving the quality of content written by non-native English writers

Quality Rules the Market!

Consider thorough editing and proofreading of your already written content before promoting it on the website or blog site. It is better to invest in quality than loose years struggling to get noticed!

Professionally edited and proofread standard content will represent your business to a larger audience and push relevant customers to take action- buy product/ service, subscribe to your newsletter, donate to a cause or anything that you want them to do. Your investment in 11Creations Professional Editing and Proofreading Service will prove to be a milestone investment in terms of obtaining a top rank in the search engine, building trust among the customers and reaching sales goals.

We have a proven history of improving the quality of written content for the benefit of our customers. If you are not confident whether or not our service can be helpful to your business, we offer you a trial order.

Premium Content Writing Service

We are living in a time where people have options to choose

from a wide market. Competition is very high. Have you ever thought why some businesses flourish over time and some struggle for years without a clue what they lack? The ones who achieve their targets easily are those who invest in quality content for their website, blog site and overall digital marketing campaign. Yes, you must invest a good deal of time and creativity in crafting unique, informative, quality, user-friendly content to stand out from the crowd and get targeted traffic to your page. Premium quality content is the name for these standard write-ups that attract relevant traffic to your product or service page and instil deep interest in the potential customers. We, at 11Creations, invite you to use our premium English content writing service to succeed in your business. With our premium content, you will attract plentiful inbound links, get the attention of relevant customers, strengthen trust in your clients, improve business ranking and demonstrate authority in the market.

Additional Content Writing Services

Native English Content Writing

Asian English Content Writing

Our writing teams from the USA and UK are highly motivated to help people excel in their business. The standard content written by native English writers who are expert in the niche they write is sure to help you achieve your business goals within a stipulated time.

Our writing team from Asia is a group of individuals who are content experts, copy bloggers and digital writers. Our writers invest a great deal of time understanding the client’s business and need to execute the high-quality content that achieves sales target.