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It is very difficult to get good quality content written by non-native English writers. Here at Eleven Creations, we provide the ideal solution with our exceptional native English proofreading and editing services.

Proofreading and copy editing is crafted exclusively by native English writers originating from the USA or UK. This ensures that your written content is 100% correct, flows nicely, and makes perfect sense. During the editing and proofreading process, not only spelling and grammar, but also the context, word order, phraseology, etc. are checked. Additionally, copy is edited to meet your specific SEO needs.

The proofreading and editing service, here at Eleven Creations, ensures that your content is taken seriously and meets industry standards. This service can be a cost-effective way to improve the quality of your written material.


  • Premium Quality English Content
  • Native English Content
  • Asian English Content
  • Proofreading and Copyediting

All content is genuinely unique! No plagiarized material!

Benefits of improving the quality of your content written by a non-native English writers:

  • Your content will be unique and engaging. This will help you receive higher rankings on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • Your content will resonate and appeal to wider markets. This can lead to increased conversion rate and sales volume. Promoting your website or blog using poorly written content by non-native English writers will be more costly than using a professional native English proofreading and editing services in long run.
  • Quality native English written content will obtain higher SERPS results.

Professionally proofread and edited quality content will reflect well on your business and attract customers. Your investment into Eleven Creations professional proofreading and editing service will give you a good return in terms of obtaining higher search engine ranking, gaining the respect from customers, and creating sales.

We are very confident that we can improve the quality of your content. Here we offer you a trial order to see the difference we can make to your business and the quality of your content!

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Market is highly competitive. To stand out and get targeted traffic to your page, you should have premium quality content that separates you from the crowd. Every successful online marketing campaign, online blog, and e-commerce business follow this formula. Using premium written content that is carefully crafted by professional native English content writers will attract inbound links, build trust with the customers, improve business credibility, and demonstrate authority in the market. We are here to serve your business needs.

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Eleven Creations has helped many businesses succeed online through the high standards of editing and proofreading service. Premium quality writing is filled with relevant, well-researched content so that your website pages are ranked well in search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Many people use their mobile devices to search for information, so we focus on your marketing goals and attract links. We can supplement your standard writing material by ensuring that your content is factually correct and logically organized with the correct spelling and grammar. Our premium standard includes proper formatting of your pages and text material to match your brand voice. We will include bold and italic text; bullet points and lists; concise and complex sentences, and varying length of paragraphs to make your content visually appealing and easy to read.

We help clients succeed online! We have skilled native English writers from the USA and UK!

Get in touch with us for:

  • Expertly researched articles on any subject matter
  • Affordable marketing and expert content
  • Sales copy the converts
  • SEO content matched with your keywords and keyword density
  • Link building content for WordPress, blogs, Linkvana, eZine articles, etc.
  • Affordable rewriting, repackaging, and editing services


  • Content formatted to your specification
  • Small or large orders fulfilled quickly
  • Volume discounts and fast delivery
  • All content is genuinely unique! No plagiarized material!

Order your content writing today! Visit our “Packages Page” to purchase the standard package or complete the Custom Quotation form with your requirements to access our best prices. Please give as much detail as possible so that we can tailor the package to you.

Why you should use Eleven Creations?

  • Our service is affordable, flexible, and adapted to your needs
  • Writers undertake extensive research to understand your business
  • Our quality beats 93% of outsourced content writing
  • Outstanding sales copy to get sales
  • Keywords/key phrases and in-text SEO included on the content
  • All articles and content guaranteed to pass Copyscape plagiarism detection
  • We have writers to undertake any writing job - academic essays, web content, blogs, marketing copy, product description, social media content, email marketing content for any kind of business and service.
  • Create attention grabbing, engaging content for superb conversion Please focus on other aspect of your business by giving Eleven Creations the hassle of writing quality content! We can write one short article to thousands of long articles depending on your requirement! We can offer you discount on large quantity deliveries, but trust us, we do not compromise on quality!

GRADE ‘A’ Premium Content

At Eleven Creations, we pride ourselves on delivering premium grade content completed by native English writers from the USA or UK.

Our standard grade of writing will be consistent in American English or UK English as per your requirement. Content will flow well, appear natural, and be relevant to the topic.

Premium Grade “A” writing has higher standards. Our Premium quality content writers ensure that your content requires little or no editing. Often the content will be more complex and require research so that the topic is fully understood and reflected well in the writing. The quality of written English will be high with academic level spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Information will be presented accurately and succinctly. Every piece of writing will be informative, useful, and unique; please be assured of the originality.

All of our Premium written content are bespoke and match the client’s brief. Content is re-written professionally using gender-neutral language or may use first or second person accounts if requested. Titles, headings, sub-headings will be used appropriately. Writing style will reflect the content topic and the style preferred by the client. Academic content sentence and paragraph structure will be more complex than standard writing articles with complex sentences, varying word count, and word choices adjusted throughout.

All our writing are high standard no matter what package you purchase, but we offer high quality premium services for clients who demand exceptionally high standards in written content.

Eleven Creations will deliver a high quality, plagiarism free, native English written content that complies with your instructions. We do not spin content or provide content previously written for others. All content are written by people who are as passionate about writing as you are about your business growth.

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